XG Technology announces another order for xMax equipment in Costa Rica

XG Technology Inc., a developer of wireless communications and spectrum-sharing technologies, on Tuesday announced it has received an order for approximately $58,000 in xMax mobile broadband wireless equipment and services from Itellum LLC.

This represents a follow-on order to one previously announced in May. The order will be used to expand the footprint of the xMax network that has already been installed in Escazu, Costa Rica.

"The initial announcement of the availability of the xMax service has generated a large amount of local interest,” Itellum CEO Tim Foss said. “We have been very pleased with the excellent performance and reliability the xMax system has provided during the first stage of deployment, and this order for additional equipment will allow us to stress test the Escazu xMax network under heavier data traffic loads.”

Itellum is one of four companies who have entered into a formal agreement to participate in the initial xMax Costa Rica deployment as well as expansion into other Latin American markets thereafter.

“We are pleased to receive this follow-on order from Itellum for xMax equipment,” xG Technology CEO George Schmitt said. “The successful performance of the network confirms that the xMax system is well-suited for operation in underserved areas of the world where few viable options for affordable mobile broadband services exist.”