Cielo, Planet Payment extend Pay in Your Currency agreement in Brazil

Sao Paulo-based Cielo and Planet Payment Inc. have signed a contract extension regarding their Pay in Your Currency processing agreement that allows transactions in multiple currencies, letting consumers in Brazil pay in their own currency. International travelers can use their Visa or MasterCard for transactions with Brazilian stores and merchants.  Read More »

Sonoco Products expands fiber certification program to Brazil, Mexico facilities

Sonoco Products Co., a diversified packaging company, recently expanded its fiber certification program to its plants in Brazil and Mexico. The certification is the company's commitment to recycling and maintaining healthy forests, as well as being responsible in managing natural resources, Sonoco Products Manager of Global Sustainable Packaging Laura Rowell said.  Read More »

Mexico's Grupo Rotoplas completes deal to buy Argentina water heater maker Talsar

Mexico's Grupo Rotoplas, a leader in providing water solutions that include storing, carrying and treating water in the Americas, said recently it has completed its acquisition of Argentina's Talsar, which produces and distributes water heaters, for $36.8 million. Rotoplas CEO Carlos Rojas Mota Velasco said Talsar’s strength and leadership in water heater market led to the acquisition. Read More »