Brazil Facility first to use Honeywell’s Experion Orion Console

Chemical plant ICL Brazil will be the first facility to use the Experion Orion Console by Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS). The state-of-the-art Experion Orion Console provides a single visual workplace that is designed to reduce operator fatigue and increase plant production. The console is a large, ultra-high definition display with touch-screen capabilities. Read More »

Latin American comic industry marked by social, political issues

The Latin American comic strip industry is different from its U.S. and European counterparts because of its influence by political and social issues, a local comic strip creator recently told Latin Business Daily. In Europe and especially in the U.S., there historically has been a bigger emphasis on characters who have special powers, but that's not the case in Latin America.  Read More »

Chile keeps vault of seeds to protect biodiversity in case of disaster

For the past 25 years, the Chilean agriculture ministry´s Institute of Agriculture and Livestock Investigations has kept a highly secured vault built in the middle of a mountain that is meant to protect seeds and preserve agricultural biodiversity in cases of a natural disaster or a human-caused catastrophe. The vault is part of a system of five seed-and tubers-banks across Chile. Read More »

Alvarez & Marsal continues to expand in Latin America

In an effort to beef up its Latin American offerings, Alvarez & Marsal, a worldwide professional services firm, appointed Fabio Pires as its Los Angeles, California-based managing director and Alvaro Araujo as its Miami, Florida-based managing director. It also made Sergio Aguilar the Miami-based senior director and David Arrabito the Los Angeles-based senior director. Read More »