Filming Begins for Third Season of Sabrosa Passion

Miami-based High Hill Entertainment and Televen this week began recording the Spanish-language Latin American cooking and talk show “Sabrosa Passion” in Venezuela.

Last year’s series, called Sabrosa Passion Plus, was highly rated among Venezuelan audiences. This year’s series will be called “Super Sabrosa Pasion” and will be recorded at at Televen’s studios in Caracas, Venezuela.

Sabrosa Passion is a combination talk show and cooking show hosted by Chef Carlos Mesber and featuring guest celebrities. On the show, Mesber prepares dishes of international cuisine followed by conversations with celebrities on topics that can be “spicy and daring”, according to the show’s YouTube station.

“We produce quality content, and we understand the importance of creating new episodes that will appeal to the local audience, but at the same time be accepted by other countries. Sabrosa Passion is an example of this type of content,” said High Hill co-founder Tomas Elias Gonzalez Benitez.

The show is produced by actor and entertainer Carlos Mesber in conjunction with Perez Nahim, general manager Televen.

This new season, which will total 26 one-hour episodes, has incorporated dynamic and fun elements such as musical live band, the presence of a studio audience and new segments.

Miami-based Latina actress Dayana Garroz will star in the show this season.

High Hill Entertainment is a Latin market creative production company and TV content provider located in Miami, Florida.