Monterrey gains TI Automotive production plant

To support a nearby Hyundai/Kia facility, fluid systems giant TI Automotive has opened a new plant in Monterrey, Mexico, creating approximately 100 jobs at the facility to supply key vehicle components. The facility produces brake, fuel and clutch parts and will also be engineered to handle water, oil and vacuum tubes, transmission lines and pipes for exhaust gas reduction. Read More »

Guatemalan businessman Fernando Jarquin Pira quietly makes donations to first responders and patients

Fernando Jarquin Pira, who runs a pharmaceutical distribution company in Guatemala and has invested a significant portion of his personal resources to philanthropy since 1995, has donated critical medications and paid for treatments of families in dire need as an expression of good citizenship. Jarquin founded Agefinsa (Agencia Farmaceutica Internacional, Sociedad Anonima) in 1995.  Read More »

Two Latino U.S. senators could have key roles in reforming Telephone Consumer Protection Act

U.S. Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ted Cruz (R-TX), both Latinos, may play a pivotal role Wednesday in determining the outcome of what some view as an initiative to protect American businesses from costly lawsuits. The two senators, who sit on the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee, are set to hear testimony advocating reform of an anti-telemarketing law, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Read More »