Tahoe Resources comments on political changes in Guatemala

Tahoe Resources Inc. on Thursday released a statement from Executive Chair Kevin McArthur about the political changes in Guatemala.

"I want to assure shareholders that today's resignation of the president of Guatemala, Otto Perez Molina, is not expected to affect our Guatemalan operations,” McArthur said. “The president's resignation occurred this morning in a written letter to Congress. Vice President Alejandro Maldonado Aguirre is expected to be sworn in as president sometime in the next couple of days.”

In the wake of a corruption scandal, Guatemala's President Otto Pérez Molina resigned and was sent to jail to await the conclusion of a court hearing.

“Vice President Maldonado Aguirre has been the force of calm in the country during the corruption scandal which has caused both the president and vice president to resign,” McArthur said. “His leadership has been viewed within Guatemala as very positive. Congress' removal of Perez Molina's immunity and his subsequent resignation is viewed as a positive step in repairing a government divided by recent corruption. We respect Guatemala's democracy and its ability to hold open and free elections, which continue to be scheduled for Sunday.”

Tahoe's operates precious metals mines, pays shareholder dividends and grows by developing long-term, low-cost assets in the Americas.