MERMEC delivers measuring vehicle to Chilean rail operator

The ROGER 600
MERMEC's ROGER 600, a new comprehensive measurement vehicle, was delivered last week to Chilean rail operator Grupo EFE, which will operate the self-propelled car to monitor the national railway network.

The ROGER 600 will be used to assess the condition of the nation’s railway infrastructure, helping engineers to optimize maintenance and stay ahead of any problems that the railway might run into, improving safety and availability of the lines.

The vehicle has been named MRV Maquina Registradora de Via. It is 59 feet long with a steel-bodied diesel-propelled recording car that is equipped with a bundle of measurement and inspection systems that can track: geometry, overhead-line geometry, contact wire wear, rail internal flaws and running dynamics.

The introduction of the new recording car is expected to drastically reduce inspection time. The seamless integration and perfect interoperability of the opto-electronic systems installed onboard MRV will allow activities previously requiring more than two weeks to be finished to be accomplished in just one hour.