Purchase of Cuban online booking and media firm delayed until end of Sept.

MPH Ventures' purchase of 20 percent of Travelucion has been delayed until Sept. 30 in a mutual agreement between the two companies.

Travelucion, an online travel and media firm with a focus on international trips, has been a major player in popularizing the rise of Cuban tourism after the official reconciliation of relations between the United States and Cuba.

MPH Ventures is acquiring its stake in Travelucion in exchange for $100,000 and an undisclosed amount of common share stock from the company. With this purchase, MPH Ventures is gaining an online partner on the Cuban island with a reputable portfolio of over 430 web properties representing major tourist destinations, Cuban culture and financial institutions. Together, Travelucion’s online holdings host 30 million page-views per year, in addition to company’s prolific presence on social media.

With partners on both sides of fence, Travelucion’s position will allow the firm to fully incorporate the incoming tourism to the island’s economics centers smoothly. With the firm’s assistance, and its new mobile and web-based platforms, travelers using the Travelucion system will be able to book stays in private Cuban residences, sign up for adventure tours and reserve a seat in one of the world class restaurants hidden from the world for so many years.