Sun Chemical launches SunLam lamination adhesives in Latin America

Sun Chemical and its parent company, DIC, recently made its SunLam lamination adhesives range of products available to buy in the Latin America market.

This release makes it the only supplier in the region that can provide both inks and adhesives to package printers.

The company has developed local production capabilities and is currently manufacturing the adhesives in Latin America. Inventories of these locally produced adhesives are available to customers in all countries in Latin America. Sun Chemical will also offer technical services that will provide expertise in each local region across Latin America.

The SunLam lamination adhesives products consist of water-based, solvent-free and solvent-based components. It is also possible to use the lamination adhesive with oxygen barrier properties to lightweight packaging by removing a film layer from the package while still maintaining the protective functionality required to preserve the contents and avoid migration.

“Since DIC manufactures its own polymers used in both inks and adhesives, Sun Chemical is the only global ink supplier that can offer an integrated ink and adhesive system with full control over the chemistry,” Fernando Tavara, president of Sun Chemical Latin America, said.