Mobile LTE usage expected to grow in Latin America

In a report from Dataxis on Monday, they reported that mobile LTE connections are expected to grow to approximately 188 million connections by 2018 in Latin America.

They also report that connections were at 11.76 million in 2014 across the region. This includes Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Columbia, Peru and Venezuela. According to Dataxis, Brazil is currently a leading country in this area with help of a boost in usage brought on by the World Cup that took place in 2014. They report that 4G networks were established in 2012 in the region, beginning with Mexico, Columbia and Brazil.

With LTE technology expected to see significant growth, the report also states that it is likely that a majority of up to 98.3 percent of users will be utilizing these networks through 4G enabled smart phones and other similar devices.

The countries listed in the report have an estimated 592 million mobile service lines.

The report lists usage shares for Brazil to fall to approximately 32.8 percent followed by Mexico and Columbia with 29.1 percent and 24.6 percent respectively. In 2014 Brazil accounted for 57.5 percent of LTE usage in Latin America.

Currently voice deployment over 4G networks is still in early development, so it is expected that 2G and 3G networks will survive despite the growth of LTE technology into 2018.