IIA to use Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator

Chilean service provider IIA has chosen Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to power its new cloud services.

Through Flexiant, IIA has a fast and complete solution to deliver cloud services to its 3,000 clients and the market.

“To compete against others in the cloud industry, service providers need a cloud management solution that helps them orchestrate the cloud differently, while getting them to market quickly,” CEO of Flexiant George Knox said. “IIA is a perfect example of a service provider wanting to easily support its existing customer base with a cloud orchestration solution from Flexiant that gives them all the functionality and features needed to launch cloud services today and then extend them as the business grows.”

With Flexiant’s cloud orchestration solution, IIA now has a self-service solution for automated provisioning of cloud services, combined with automated metering, billing and payments, backup and storage.

“We liked Flexiant because it isn’t a labor intensive solution,” Juan Carlos Olivera, internet division manager at IIA, said. “It is easy to support and maintain plus it is installed and running quickly. It gave us a complete solution to support the full customer journey and enables us to grow and expand with market demand.”

IIA is also making use of Flexiant’s two public network models, both of which support a complete range of network services.