Lagosur launches biofuel exports to Latin America

Lagosur launches biofuel exports to Latin America.
Lagosur launches biofuel exports to Latin America.
Lagosur recently announced that it has started exporting biodiesel to Latin America as part of its first business focus.

This is one piece of the company’s two-part plan and innovative business model. To accomplish its goals, Lagosur has made agreements with a variety of customers located in Bolivia, Chile and Peru. The customers have agreed to accept biodiesel exportations from Lagosur.

In addition, Lagosur has taken action in starting a wide range of initiatives that will deliver state-of-the-art biodiesel generation technology to various countries located in Latin America.

Biodiesel, an outstanding alternative source of fuel, has several benefits when compared to traditional fossil fuels. Biodiesel is easily blended with fossil fuel, a renewable source of fuel and much cleaner than traditional fossil fuels. It also decreases reliance on fossil fuels and is priced competitively with fossil fuels.

"We are proud to extend Lagosur's business and thought leadership by exporting badly needed biodiesel to parts of Latin America not currently able to generate their own supply," Jorge Abukhalil, Lagosur's executive vice president of business development for Latin American business, said. "We look forward to providing further value to our customers across Latin America by helping them to meet the growing energy demands for their business in a way that is both economical as well as environmentally responsible.”