Telefonica Vivo, Jasper launch Internet of Things platform in Brazil

Telefonica Vivo recently launched the Vivo M2M Control Center Platform for global corporate clients in Brazil.

The platform, provided by Internet of Things (IoT) platform company Jasper, enables users to manage IoT services with one easy dashboard.

IoT allows “things” – the representation of the physical world in the digital world -- to become part of a service delivery chain, helping to locate stolen cars, alerting emergency services about accidents, and allowing logistical companies to control even the temperature in their delivery trucks.

IoT applications are still in their infancy, but as the world becomes more connected, the IoT and related applications are expected to grow and penetrate even further into our daily lives.

Already, dozens of industries rely on Jasper to control the connected experience and manage the operation of their IoT deployments worldwide. As the platform expands, it is estimated that connections will increase to 26 billion users by 2020.