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Brazil Minerals hires administrative VP for Montes Claros project

Brazil Minerals has hired Gisele Souza as the vice president of administration for the company's operations in Montes Claros. Souza is a dual U.S. and Brazillian citizen who is fluent in English and Portugese. She will be the company's mediator between its sand, mortar and mining operations in the Minas Gerais region and local government, regulators and local businesses. Read More »

Brazil Minerals CEO to advise U.S. presidential candidate

Brazil Minerals Inc. CEO Marc Fogassa joined an advisory committee of a 2016 U.S presidential candidate Oct. 12. And while the company did not name which candidate Fogassa is advising, he was selected to offer his expertise on U.S.-Brazil relations and supports expanded open trade between the two countries with less bureaucracy. Fogassa is not being paid for his contributions. Read More »