Vitacon to open new compact living complex in San Paulo

Vitacon plans to launch a customized apartment complex in Sao Paulo later this month that features units as small as 151 square feet but with optimized living solutions. The Vita Bom Retiro complex is meant to showcase how living comfortably in a small space is possible. The new complex will have dual-use rooms in each apartment, as well as shared-use facilities. Read More »

Artisanal breweries achieve brand recognition in Chilean market

Chilean artisanal breweries have been in the country´s beer market long enough to have achieved significant brand recognition and become a key alternative to industrial beer products, with at least one artisanal brewery becoming a tourist destination. Part of what makes the artisanal brewery business difficult are the efforts by the industrial beer brands to capture markets. Read More »

Brazilian vehicle sales projected to level off this quarter

Brazilian vehicle sales, which have steadily declined in recent years, are projected to stabilize in the last quarter of the year, the country´s vehicle manufacturer association projected. While Anfavea, a Portuguese-language acronym for National Association of Automotive Vehicle Manufacturers, says numbers will remain low but not worsen, some dealerships expect improvement. Read More »

Neogás announces new CEO

Neogás, a provider of natural gas services to energy consumers who lack access to a natural gas pipeline in the United States, Columbia, Peru, Mexico and Brazil, named R. Paul Grady as its new CEO on Thursday. Grady replaces João Bezzera, who was responsible for risk management projects across the organization. Grady previously was chief operating officer at AmeriGas. Read More »

Brazilian Skol tops Mexico's Corona to become No. 1 Latin brand

Unlike the rest of the world where technology brands are the most valuable, beer names are worth the most in Latin America and this year Brazilian beer Skol overcame Corona to become the brand with the biggest value in the six countries surveyed. “The difference between both brands is minimal. One is worth $8.5 billion and the other $8.476 billion,” Fernando Alvarez said. Read More »