Insteon partners with Smartnex in Brazil

Insteon, a provider of home-control network technology, announced an exclusive distribution partnership with Smartnex in Brazil on Thursday. 

“Smartnex was founded with the vision to improve mass-market access to the joys of tech automation,” Cesar Franceschi, president of Smartnex, said. “Before Smartnex, the connected home was cost-prohibitive for the majority of Brazilian citizens. Beyond the price barrier, solutions were too complicated for a homeowner to easily deploy. Insteon changes all this – with the additional benefits of comfort, security and energy efficiency. Together with Insteon, Smartnex will change the home automation market in Brazil.”

Insteon's applications include remote-control HVAC, timers, lighting, cameras, leak sensing, humidity sensing, occupancy sensing, and garage-door sensing and control. Dual-band Insteon signals communicate simultaneously via radio waves and a home’s electrical wiring, allowing users  to control applications remotely from smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

“Insteon’s partnership with Smartnex reflects our continued expansion into new geographies,” Joe Dada, CEO of Insteon, said. “Insteon’s dual-band RF and powerline architecture handily solves regional nuances in building design, providing a level of reliability that has otherwise proven elusive. Now Brazilian mass-market consumers can take advantage of a connected home lifestyle where all their devices work together in perfect harmony.”