Gemalto to implement security measures for Latin American mobile infrastructure

Gemalto to implement security measures for Latin American mobile infrastructure.
Tigo, a Colombia-based mobile network operator, has tapped Gemalto, the digital security firm, to implement a set of machine-to-machine solutions for its mobile infrastructure.

"Gemalto's MIM Card is now available in the Colombian market for all different vertical applications,” Tigo UNE Commercial Vice President for B2B Santiago Londoño said. “It will help us guarantee a more stable service for a longer term for commercial and industrial applications and help our customers reduce operational costs and prevent potential fraud or failures in service."

In specific, Tigo will be using the Cinterion MIM Services Platform to help improve the signal strength monitoring and localization ability. Other features of the platform include remote module configuration and channel switching optimization.

"With our platform, Tigo is able to deliver best-in-class innovative services for M2M solutions, giving them a clear competitive edge for everything from smart vending machines to connected cars," Gemalto President for Latin America Rodrigo Serna said. "Tigo and Gemalto share a common goal of driving innovation and IoT marketplace expansion, which is expected to grow to 2.1 billion M2M connections by 2020."

Gemalto prides itself on carrying a robust portfolio of tools for securing technology, including cryptographic software to scalable back-office authentication platforms