TelCo Cuba hires new creative team to help launch telecom service

TelCo Cuba hires new creative team to help launch telecom service.
TelCo Cuba hires new creative team to help launch telecom service.
TelCo Cuba, Inc., a publicly traded telecom solutions provider, has announced multiple new hires at the company’s Florida office as it aims to build up low-cost telecom infrastructure and services in Cuba.

As Cuba’s economy opens up and U.S.-Cuban relations thaw, TelCo Cuba is positioning itself to be the preferred telecom company with services between the two nations.

The new hires will join TelCo Cuba’s Hollywood, Florida-based office. The new staff include Rafa Rosa as art director, Laura Quinones as director of marketing, and Joaquin Hoste as a graphic design and multimedia specialist.

Rosa brings a wealth of experience in online branding and traditional print media to TelCo Cuba. As art director, he will be in charge of developing the TelCo Cuba brand and message. Rosa has been instrumental in the online design work of major Fortune 500 companies including CNN, The American Red Cross, Victoria’s Secret and Delta Air Lines.

As director of Marketing, Quinones will fill the role of a motivator and conceptualizer to take a product from the drawing board to market. Most recently, Quinones was part of a large pharmaceutical startup.

Hoste joins Telco Cuba as a graphic design and multimedia specialist after many years of experience in new media. Hoste is expected to be a key element in fusing new media ideas with the traditional marketing insights that form the company’s marketing plan.

"We are pleased to formally welcome Miss Laura Quinones, Mr. Rafa Rosa and Mr. Joaquin Hoste to the Telco Cuba family," William J. Sanchez, founder and CEO of TelCo Cuba, said. "With their leadership, creativity and drive, Telco Cuba will establish itself as the clear choice for mobile calling in the U.S. and the world."

TelCo Cuba is pursuing the launch of mobile cell phone service plans and its "Let's Talk Cuba" plan.