WindStream completes Phase 1 of Argentina's PowerMill project

WindStream Technologies Inc. on Tuesday announced it has completed the manufacturing and shipping of the first 360 kilowatts for Phase 1 of its 2 megawatt installation in Argentina.

The first phase of the project totals 1.35 megawatts of the company's new product line called the PowerMill, a system of wind turbines and solar panels that maximize the available real estate on which a renewable energy system can be used.

This shipment represents the first deployment of the PowerMill that will be used to generate energy that will be managed by the Entity of Electrical Cooperatives and Distributors of the Province of Buenos Aires.

"This first deployment of the PowerMill will showcase the technology in Argentina and provide a platform for follow-on sales to other areas not only in Argentina but throughout Latin America,” Claudio Chami, senior vice president of sales for Latin America, said. “We expect this product line to be a complement to the needs of countries all over the world that are looking for utility scale generation but lack the available space or resources for conventional systems."

The project is being spearheaded by Surland Technologies, one of Argentina's leading technology importers.

"We are very excited to begin installing the PowerMill in Argentina and are proud to be the world's first users of this new technology,” Surland President Christian Schiano said. “This once again shows my country's commitment to cutting-edge technologies and to working toward finding products and solutions that offset the effects of fossil fuels and climate change.”