Colorado agriculture company partners with Eco BCG

Agribotix LLC, located in Boulder, Colorado, and Eco BCG announced on Thursday a strategic joint venture, called Agribotix-Latin America, which will bring agricultural intelligence solutions, leveraging drone-enabled technology, to the region.

“We're very excited about our partnership with Eco BCG," Agribotix CEO Lou Faust said. "It rapidly extends our platform in one of the world's critical agricultural regions. Just a few weeks into our launch, the joint venture has already signed nearly a dozen customers. It's indicative of how ag intelligence is being embraced globally, and Agribotix is playing a emerging leadership role in growth. We have a proven ability to deliver data that matters, and we're proud Eco BCG made the decision to partner with us in Latin America."

The joint venture facilitates rapid, efficient expansion of reach for both companies. Agribotix is an emerging leader in agriculture-specific intelligence using drone-enabled technologies, and Eco BCG provides clean technologies for business operations, Including agricultural production.

The company's headquarters are in Panama City, with additional offices in Mexico City and Santiago, Chile. Regional sales, training and customer service will be provided by Agribotix-Latin America and its authorized dealers.

Agribotix-Latin America has two offerings: a turnkey, integrated drone data collection and analysis solution, as well as the cloud-based, data processing FarmLens solution for customers with their own drone.