Montan Mining supplies 60 tons per day from Mollehuaca

Montan Mining Corp. recently announced that it has signed an agreement with Compania Procesadora Mollehuaca SAC, a private company owned by Peru, which will offer a stable 60 tons per day supply.

The Mineral Processing Memorandum of Understanding is between Intigold Mining SA and Compania Procesadora Mollehuaca SAC. Montan is currently in the process of acquiring Compania Procesadora Mollehuaca. According to the agreement, the revenue from the processed mineral feed is estimated to cover Montan’s operational costs in Peru.

The agreement will allow Intigold to stockpile its wholly owned Mina Calpa project. The 90 tons per day stockpile will be used to treat the mineral processing facility located nearby Chala.

"The establishment of secure feed from Mina Calpa for the Mollehuaca Processing Plant is a strong foundation for Montan's growth as we commence commercial operations,” Ian Graham, CEO of Montan Mining, said. “The revenue generated from this feed should cover our operating costs in Peru and significantly reduces the amount of startup working capital needed for mineral purchase. We are currently evaluating other similar arrangements, as well as supplemental high grade mineral supply opportunities. We are excited by this initial working arrangement with Intigold and we look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and build on our relationship."