Dinant to hold discussion on problems in the Honduras' Aguan region

Dinant to hold discussion on problems in the Honduras' Aguan region.
Newly appointed Executive President of Corporación Dinant Miguel Mauricio Facusse last week restated his company's plan to bring together all stakeholders in the Aguan region of Honduras to discuss solutions to some of the problems people living and working in the area have.

"Although Dinant is only one of many stakeholders in the Aguan, we recognize that as a major employer and driver of economic growth we have an important part to play in securing a safer and more prosperous future for the region,” Facusse said. “As part of our commitment to help find a long-term solution to the land conflicts, we look forward to engaging respectfully and transparently with all stakeholders, including community leaders, the Honduran authorities and especially those few peasant movements that hold other viewpoints."

Consensus Building Institute suggested Dinant’s approach, and the discussions will take place under the supervision of the International Finance Corporation.

CBI's approach proposes a range of issues for discussion by Aguan stakeholders, including human rights, grievance mechanisms, crime and impunity, land tenure and inclusive development.

"We have made a great start, and there's more we intend to do as we continue to implement our draft Enhanced Action Plan (EAP) in partnership with IFC,” Facusse said. “But, Dinant alone cannot resolve the wider problems of poverty, crime and insecurity facing the people of the Aguan.”

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