techXscapes launches funding campaign for Costa Rica location

techXscapes launched an Indiegogo campaign to generate more funding for the company’s destination bungalow-workspace pilot location in Costa Rica on July 20.

The company’s funding goal for the campaign is $75,000. The bungalow-workspace unites co-living and co-working ideas into a single experience, which serves to simplify the various logistics that go into working and living abroad. It is specifically designed for the company’s technology professionals.

Residents will be able to make their own perfect work environment, which will help them to be comfortable and therefore productive. The pilot location includes all the features that are needed for remote working professionals, such as fast Internet and large monitors in rooms, as well as dry erase boards and other accoutrements.

Traveling professionals will have access to techXscapers’ Growth Tracks program, which will help them to grow both professionally and personally. The program has various options for free or for a fee, including Adventurer, Cultural, Health & Fitness, Software Development, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Depending on the participant’s professional goals and personal interests, they can select their program options.

In addition, because of its picturesque destination, the company’s residents will be able to safely and conveniently access all of the amenities of the host country.

The campaign ends Aug. 24, 2015.