Latin America promising for trade and investment from India

If the number of visiting dignitaries in recent months is any indication, Latin America holds promise for trade and investment with India.

In 2014, visiting Indian officials held government meetings with Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, El Salvador and Uruguay. An additional Joint Commission Meeting took place in Mexico.

So far this year, Indian representatives have met with officials from Honduras, Barbados and Costa Rica, along with holding a Joint Commission Meeting in Suriname.

In more than one year under India's Narendra Modi government, senior ministers from other countries including Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Jamaica, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, also have visited the country to discuss trade and investment. Foreign ministers of Mexico, Suriname,and Guatemala also have made incoming visits, and the vice president of Cuba as well as the president of Guyana visited India earlier this year. 

"What was encouraging was that all members were either present physically or through video conferencing,” a Indian official said. “India has a huge potential in the region as there is plenty of scope for cooperation in various sectors including agriculture, health, IT and pharmaceuticals.”