Prophecy launches first phase of Pulacayo exploration in Bolivia

Prophecy Development Corp. said on Tuesday that it has started the first phase of a systematic, district exploration program at its Pulacayo project in Bolivia.

Prophecy carefully examined all of the available data about sampling, mining and IP survey. In light of its examination, Prophecy identified four target areas as its top priority: Pero, El Abra, Pacamayo and Paca North. These areas will be carefully considered for close-spaced sampling, geological mapping and trenching. An estimated 300 samples will be taken and analyzed.

El Abra is located northwest of the Tajo vein system. Prophecy identified a hydrothermal breccia system there.

The Pero target is southeast of the Tajo vein system. Previous sampling and reconnaissance mapping showed several mineralization veinlets.

The Paca North target is north of the historic open-pit resource boundaries in Paca, north of the vein system in Tajo. This target has a variety of pyrite and barite conglomerates.

Finally, Pacamayo’s target is northeast of Tajo. Four veins have been found on Pacamayo’s surface.

Several other regional exploration programs were conducted in Pulacayo previously. One of these programs included a 2009 IP survey that found multiple near-surface anomalies ranging from medium to strong chargeability.